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DMX Console 192

Артикул: SHE-DMX192
На складе в Москве

* 192 DMX Channel
* 8 программируемых сцен
* built-in MIC head, and voice features
* Automatically trigger state, the TAP SYNC button or the SPEED potentiometer to determine automatically trigger time
* The four LED digital display
* Show the first show CHANSES second place display SCENES
* Third, the four display BANKS
* Three, four steps 0-255 or TIME
* BLACK OUT function can be used manually or MIDI remote control.
* CHASES programming and CHASES run function can be used manually or MIDI remote control
* Output delay function, the FADE TIME potentiometer to adjust the delay time.
* DMX output polarity selection
* Voltage: AC90–240V,50–60HZ
* Certificate:CE & ROHS & UL & SAA

4 000,00